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SL600 signage printer

Get your signage in 3 clicks.

Create, print, stick!

Versatile, the SL600 meets many needs for all your signage. 


The SL600 sign printer is the best seller in our range. Versatile, it allows you to print high resistance small labels as well as panels from 10 cm wide to 2.5 m long. Discover the many formats and colors available for the adhesive printing materials
With its latest generation print head, equipped with a powerful and precise cutter, this printer is easy to use and very robust over time. It will be your best asset in the realization of all your signage. You will obtain a durable marking over time (designed for outdoor or indoor display) and in compliance with current regulations. 


Use our label creation wizard software to create and print your signage in 3 clicks.

Applications: safety signs, pipe marking, chemical substance labels, GHS pictogram labels, directional and informational building marking.


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Technical specifications

The SL600 sign printer works with our label design software, and is intuitive and easy to use, with a library of over 500 images and many predefined label designs. The Bluetooth option is also available for even faster printing without a connection.