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Adhesive printing rolls

Highly resistant adhesive media for indoor or outdoor display.

Create, print, stick!

Highly resistant adhesive materials for indoor and outdoor display.

Discover our wide range of adhesive materials dedicated to the use of our signage printers. We offer a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from, adapted to your signage printer for long-lasting, highly resistant marking.

Select your color and size, place the adhesive roll in your printer and print your label. You get a quality and long-lasting marking, both for indoor and outdoor display. All our adhesive supports are resistant to bad weather, UV, scratching, grease and alcohol. 

We offer:

  • A wide range of colors in compliance with safety regulations (safety signs, pipe marking, chemical substances), which allows you to give free rein to your creativity (transparent, fluorescent, grey metal effect, photoluminescent).
  • Many formats available to meet your different needs for display panels, large formats (A4 and more) or small labels.


You can also choose to stick your label on a rigid self-adhesive PVC or aluminum support to obtain a real rigid panel.




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