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Preprinted label rolls

A range of high-resistance pre-printed and die-cut labels

Create, print, stick!

Preprinted labels for your color signage. 

We offer you a range of pre-printed and pre-cut label rolls adapted to your signage printer. These models allow you to print in color, for example all your prohibition signs or your chemical labels.

Using our software and its dedicated safety signage applications, click on the desired predefined template, insert the roll of pre-printed labels into the printer and print your labels. You instantly get a quality, tear-proof, full-color label that complies with regulations.

Many predefined models are proposed according to your needs (pictograms only, pictograms and texts, pre-cut pictograms).

Applications: Prohibition signs, chemical labels (several formats available), GHS/CLP chemical pictograms.

You can also choose to stick your label on a rigid self-adhesive PVC or aluminum support to obtain a real rigid panel.





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